Data East Classic Titles Making Return Via My Arcade Gaming Deal

My Arcade Pixel Player

Data East may be gone but their games live on thanks to an agreement with My Arcade. This deal is being maximized with various offerings for fans to partake in, including stand alone mini cabinets for iconic classics to hand held systems in two styles. Fans of Data East games will be on cloud nine with these releases whether you are a fan of Burger Time or Bad Dudes, My Arcade have something for you.

My Arcade have Micro Players lined up for Burgertime, Bad Dudes, and Karate Champ each containing one game in a stylish arcade looking mini arcade cabinet. They also have a Game Boy style Pixel Classic and Game Boy Advance style Pixel Player packed full of Data East classic games.

My Arcade Micro Player

The Pixel Player and Pixel Classic each contain 300 total games, 8 of which are Data East titles (full list below):

Bad Dudes
Break Thru
Burger Time
Caveman Ninja (Joe and Mac)
Karate Champ
Side Pocket

The remaining 292+ games are the usual fare of homebrew style releases covering board games, action games, card games, racing, and more.

My Arcade Pixel Player

The Data East titles used by My Arcade are based on the Nintendo Entertainment System versions of these games, not the full arcade games. We here at RETRO Magazine want to make sure our readers are aware of this fact. While the full arcade games would be much cooler, these releases are still awesome. Where else are you going to play Bad Dudes on a mini arcade?

Imagine the conversations you can get started when displaying your personal mini arcade on your desk. These releases are available on the My Arcade website.

If you were in control of licensing and could license any five Data East games for release in their own mini cabinets, which games would you pick? Tell us in the comments.


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