Commodore 64 Getting New Run n Gun Game

MW Ultra Commodore 64

Have you ever been playing your Commodore 64 and wish there were more run and gun titles available? Other shooter subgenres are well represented within the independent developer community but run and gun, Contra or Rambo style, are not. Thankfully there are devs working hard on fixing this situation.

MW Ultra is more than senseless violence

There is a bit of strategy to the proceedings in MW Ultra. You are not simply running to the right and destroying everything in your path. Well, you are but there is more to it than that.

As you progress you will pickup different weapons and face different enemies. Do you go for that new weapon that just dropped or take out that oncoming enemy first? If you go for the weapon you might get something cool and be able to plow through the enemies that are quickly making their presence known. If you go for the enemy first, you may find yourself under powered and on the wrong end of a boom stick.

Some items you can pick up are not guns, such as the grappling hook. This is more of a defensive device used to avoid/evade enemies rather than take them out.

Devil is in the details

MW Ultra features quite a few details in the videos that have been shared by Covert Bitops on YouTube. Enemies have an exclamation point appear above their heads when they see you – very Metal Gear of them. This is great if you are trying to be covert about things as you know immediately if your cover has been blown.

When enemies are dispatched, they have a skull and cross bones appear above their bodies. This gives you a clear understanding of the situation of that bad guy. No need to worry if they are playing possum on you or not. These are small details, but they are powerful and interesting additions to a side scrolling action game.

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