Coleco Evolved Launches Mini Arcade Kickstarter, Nearly Funded in Less than 12 Hours

Coleco Evolved Mini Arcade

Coleco are bringing back the mini arcade. For those that do not know what a mini arcade is, you are in for a treat. These little bad boys are completely self-contained units – game, controls, screen, everything – that play one game. The beauty of this design is each unit has its own custom artwork and can feature design choices that suit each game. These are all new and improved versions of the classic designs. The improvements are impressive.

Features of the new Coleco Evolved machines:

  • Full Color LCD Display
  • Powerful new gaming chip set
  • Revamped joystick and accurate action buttons
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Highly-detailed, colorful Rainbow Brite and Robotech art wraps

There are two games bringing the relaunch of the Coleco Mini Arcade back – Robotech: The Macross Saga and Rainbow Brite: Journey to Rainbow Land.

Each of these titles are unique to each other, each based in a different genre.

Rainbow Brite: Journey to Rainbow Land is the first time that the Hallmark franchise has seen a video game release. This Coleco Mini Arcade features an originally developed adventure specifically designed for the Mini Arcade.

Fans of adventures such as Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda will certainly feel at home guiding Rainbow Brite in her debut adventure.

Robotech: The Macross Saga is a side scrolling action game featuring many genres. Anyone that has watched Robotech knows the VF-1 Valkyrie has three modes – each unique to the others. You will have to make use of all three modes here in your effort to stop the evil Zentradi empire.

Coleco launched their Kickstart campaign earlier today and already are less than $700 from their $30,000 goal. That is quite a bit of fan support being poured out.

Fans are putting their money where their mouth is and supporting new, official, releases such as these Mini Arcades.

If you have not thrown your support behind this then don’t wait. If you are short on cash, please note that Kickstarter only charges once the campaign ends (around early June). If you are still not able to support this, no fret. Give the campaign a tweet, a share, a like, shoot some positive vibes their way. Anything and everything helps with these things.

Source: Kickstarter.

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2 thoughts on “Coleco Evolved Launches Mini Arcade Kickstarter, Nearly Funded in Less than 12 Hours

  1. Hi Carl! May 11, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Hi Carl! Glad to see you’re writing in many places. We are taking about you over at Atari Age. Come back!

  2. ex-sell69 May 12, 2018 at 9:10 am

    Some people act like the NES / SNES classic editions are a rip off because Nintendo didn’t include all the titles they wanted. Now, imagine if they made a GBA classic edition with only one (crap) game included. Well, that is what Coleco is doing here, and charging $45 up to $200 for it (And no, the cure for stupidity isn’t included with that price). So people will pay money for a generic GBA shooter just because it has the name “Robotech” on it? *takes a crap, writes “Robotech” on it* That’ll be $200 please.
    All hail lord Shoji Kawamori! Long live Macross! Death to Harmony Gold (Yes, I know. As Coleco and Atari have shown, dying doesn’t mean anything if someone can just buy their name / IP and continue on like if nothing happened)!

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