Big Evil Corporation teases next game

Following the success of Tanglewood, a cinematic platformer the Mega Drive/Genesis released in 2018 (and is being ported to the Evercade), Big Evil Corporation has been hard at work on their next game.

Titled The Alexandra Project, the game will be a shooter/RPG hybrid. Set in a sci-fi setting, the game will focus a lot on physics-based platforming and modular, multi-jointed mech enemies, similar to Alien Soldier. Setting up a strategy to defeat the mechs will be key to success, as they will be able to survive and change their attack patterns of their own if they lose certain body parts.

Matt Phillips, the Big boss of the Evil Corporation, stated he has worked on the engine for 18 months as pre-production, with the work in other areas now proceeding the project. He also shared a clip on Twitter showing the engine and its physics capabilities.

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