Amiga Receives Dream of Rowan Game, Digital and Physical Versions Available

Dream of Rowan

Action platform titles are some of the most iconic titles in gaming history. From the Super Mario Bros series to the myriad of copycat releases over the years, action platform titles have been a gaming staple. The independent developer world gets in on the fun from time to time such as Amiten Software and their new game, Dream of Rowan, a new title for the Commodore Amiga.

Dream of Rowan features a rather cool introduction sequence and some great graphics once you enter the game. We are not talking Super Mario World quality here, maybe closer to what Electronic Arts’ North America based studios were producing on the Sega Genesis – Blades of Vengeance being one title that comes to mind. This is not a knock-on Dream of Rowan in any way, just wanting to give readers of RETRO Magazine an idea of where it stands in the gaming world. Graphically not at the top and not at the bottom either.

Dream of Rowan is available on the Amiten website in both digital and physical copies. Digital gets buyers a copy of Dream of Rowan registered to them and a PDF copy of the manual. If you want the physical copy then you get a clamshell case, printed manual and a copy of the game on DVD. Now, I am a huge fan of “feelies” and it seems that Dream of Rowan will not ship with any – such a bummer but this could be due to shipping costs involved with getting product around the world (not cheap just for a DVD case and game, let alone additional items that require a larger box). Still though, it would have been cool to see something to show off to friends included.

Want a copy of Dream of Rowan and want to support continued independent support for the Commodore Amiga? Head over to the Amiten website and let them know, RETRO Magazine sent you.

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