40 Winks on Nintendo 64 Finally Seeing Light of Day

40 Winks Nintendo 64

When you think of the Nintendo 64 you probably think of Super Mario 64. Great game and one that changed how 3D platformers worked after its release. GT Interactive were obviously channeling Super Mario 64 with their game 40 Winks, which did see release on the original PlayStation console. The story of 40 Winks is not all that happy a story though as the Nintendo 64 port was canceled prior to release. That is until now. Piko Interactive have picked up the rights to 40 Winks, obtained the game code, and have taken the project to Kickstarter for fans to help make it a reality. Why Kickstarter though?

Considering this is the first release for the Nintendo 64 since it was discontinued by Nintendo means there is a lot of land to cover. Land that has been well covered on other consoles. This is where Piko Interactive are treading into unfamiliar territory and having to recreate many of the things that are taken for granted on other platforms. This includes tooling and design work for new cartridges, labels, PCB’s, and more. There is also tons of risk involved with being the first to launch a new game on a brand new to independent releases console like the Nintendo 64.

Going with Kickstarter gives Piko Interactive a very clear view if there is even enough support from fans to continue producing new games for the defunct Nintendo console. I personally think there is and then some, but I could be wrong.

What is interesting is how the Kickstarter project page is set up. Specifically stretch goals. There is currently only one stretch goal listed – a 40 Winks Nintendo 64 controller which majority of backers decide the color of. Scroll down a bit and look at closely at the Risks and Challenges section. That is where the bigger treat for 40 Winks fans lays, I mean, it is already a huge treat getting this game officially released on cartridge but there is something else worth mentioning.

Under the Risks and Challenges section is a little mention of extra time being needed if certain stretch goals are met. In particular, “develop new ports of the games”. Could this mean that a future stretch goal to be unlocked would be a port, or ports, of 40 Winks to other platforms?

As of this writing the backing of this project is resting around $24,700 towards a goal of $20,000. That means the base game, complete in box, will be made available for Nintendo 64 fans. Now, lets see what those stretch goals are!

40 Winks is currently on Kickstarter.

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