A Zelda cartridge sells for $4,000 because of this little detail

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This past year there have been cases of retro video games that have sold for astonishing prices in auctions. So much, that the retro-collecting community thinks that there’s something fishy about those expensive cartridges. We have here another case of a Zelda game that has just sold for around $4,000 USD in Japan, but this case is very different from the others.

This particular The Legend of Zelda cartridge for the Famicom Disk System is considered special because it’s branded with a ramen brand that was part of a marketing campaign in Japan. It had a limited run of about 1,500 cartridges that were given to the winners of a local contest back in 1986.

Its exact selling price in the Yahoo Japan auction was ¥453,00. The only difference between this cartridge and a normal one is a small sticker of the ramen brand. Apart from that detail, it is the exact game as any retail copy you can find in the market.

Zelda ramen

Would you pay that much for a game with a sticker?

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