A new Arkanoid game will debut on 2022

The classic Arkanoid game was a variation of the Pong formula, where you control a block on the bottom of the screen and you have to prevent that the ball drops off the screen while you break with it dozens of blocks to clear each level. A new version of this classic will come back next year.

Arkanoid – Eternal Battle is a new project being made by french studio Pastagames in collaboration with publisher Microids and the Taito company, the original owners of the series. Even though the announcement doesn’t clarify on what platforms will the game be available on, it’s probable that it will come out on everything, from mobiles to current generation consoles.

The game will probably maintain the classic gameplay that made famous the original game, and from what we can tell from the game’s title, it might also have multiplayer and campaign modes.

This is its short teaser trailer:

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