Tron comes as figure in classic VHS package

Tron, the 80s sci-fi cult film, comes as an action figure from Diamond Select Toys. It was originally planned to be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, but is now available for pre-orders at the Big Bad Toy Store. The 7″ figure itself is a re-paint, which reacts to black light as a nod to the movie. It also comes with some goodies in the form of identity discs and energy effects in a brand new VHS style box. The figure is limited to 3000 copies and costs $39.99. It will ship next month.

Tron was released in 1982. It tells the story about the mighty computer program Master Control, which is holding a tight grasp on the software company ENCOM:s main computer. Programmer Kevin Flynn enters the program and needs to fight with two less powerful programs Tron and Ram, to get rid of Master Control. Tron spawned a sequel film and a TV series and received an Academy Award for its groundbreaking technical effects.

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