Troll Burner Trolls Trolls, Made with NESmaker

Troll Burner

You must admit the Internet is quite a finicky and cynical place. This is none clearer than two places – social media and crowdfunding campaigns. The team over at New 8-Bit Heroes are fluent in both areas and the trolls that come from those areas of the Internet. If you have not heard yet (have you been reading RETRO Magazine?) New 8-Bit Heroes are running a Kickstarter for a new tool to create 8-Bit Nintendo games called NESmaker. Even a cool project like this is going to attract more than a couple of trolls but how New 8-Bit Heroes have decided to deal with them is rather ingenious. They created a game called Troll Burner using their own tool that they will be giving backers!

Not content with just making a game about killing the ugly green bipedal creatures from fantasy gaming, Troll Burner brings to light the ridicule New 8-Bit Heroes have faced on social media. Quotes and such within the game are actual comments they have received from haters. This is quite funny because they are literally trolling the trolls with a game about trolls and dealing with them.

Troll Buner is a unique way of handling Internet bullies.

Troll Burner is a proof of concept that shows what can be created with the NESmaker software. If you are a fan of 2D side scrolling action platform games with some light gun play, or just shooting trolls, then seriously, check out Troll Burner for a taste of what NESmaker can do. New 8-Bit Heroes have even made available a free ROM version of the game.

If you are planning on grabbing the ROM (it is under Update #6) please note that you will need an emulator that supports Mapper 30 (they provide a link to one as well – how cool can these guys get?).

NESmaker is still available on Kickstarter so throw some backing their way and help make cool stuff like this become a reality. We covered NESmaker earlier this month.

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