Tamashii Nation reveals tons of new figures at VR event

In an effort to make product reveals more accessible in these difficult times, Tamashii Nation has set up a massive virtual room you can traverse in at their website. By clicking on your mouse, you can walk to different areas in the online exhibition, and then examine the products at display.

The new figures revealed come in a big variety. Animes such as Naruto and Dragon Ball, Marvel action heroes from The Avengers and Black Widow and Star Wars are all represented. In a different exhibition, with focus on robots, you can find Pac-Man, Gundam and what appears to be gazillions of obscure Japanese mecha franchises. Pac-Man will come in three different figures, of which one is a bit special: a metallic mecha Pac-Man, which opens to see the actual Pac-Man sitting in the control room, with the ghosts standing next to the mecha.

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