Survival Horror Game Work in Progress for Nintendo NES

Nintendo Entertainment System

While it is still too early to tell, I can say that this untitled survival horror game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is leaning towards having zombies in it. Could this become a homage to Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise? From the early video the developer released, I am going to say yes. If for no other reason than I want it to be.

Notes from the developer: In v.041, I have added a lot of features. What you can’t see is that I have compressed all of my backgrounds with RLE. I have also added some simple background collisions to all rooms that you can navigate to. I have a lot of the first floor built with my early screen graphics, however, the hallways need some more programming, as you will be able to tell in the video. As of now, you must pass through a hallway twice before going to the next as this is how the Index Table is laid out in the code. I hope to have a remedy for that soon.

The room changing routine is mostly working, I still have some work to do on those, mainly placing doors. As of now, only the Right Exit works properly and only the Upper Right exit in Hallways.

Some other features added include:
-Fade out routine
-2 options for controls, Standard and Diagonal. Standard is Up,Down,Left,Right on the Dpad while your character moves in a diagonal. Diagonal controls means are you have to push Up-Left on the Dpad to move UpLeft on the screen.
-Cleaned up my palette code so that I can change colors more efficiently.
-Made a beta title screen for a place holder.

 Right now, there is not a lot going on in this work in progress. The main character is not implemented, neither are enemies. Basically, there are just isometric rooms and a placeholder for the player character moving around them. Not a lot to see here, yet.

This is the type of content that you can expect from the revamped RETRO Magazine website. We are very interested in and active in the independent development community.

We will be following the development of this survival horror game in future updates.

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