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Space Invaders the Board Game

Space Invaders is one of those iconic games that is forever going to be duplicated, paid homage to, or otherwise kept alive by fans. It is just a given, the game is one of the few that is almost beyond reproach at this point. With that level of respect earned comes a new challenge – how to keep fans interested and playing. That is where Space Invaders the Board Game comes in.

Space Invaders the Board Game is designed for two to four players and features a rather interesting twist on the video game design. First, it is obviously now a board game featuring the familiar layout. Then there are the cards, 242 total that cover action, energy, and researchable technologies. The idea is there and the way it is implemented carries over the video game to the board game quite well – even expanding on the albeit simple gameplay we know and love.

The game board carries a very familiar layout – it is setup almost exactly like the videogame. This will help get players into the game immediately, once you familiarize yourself with the rules and the various cards that is.

There is research, salvaging, attacking, defending, and more all taken care of via the cards – similar to a game of Magic if you got all the cards needed to play in the initial purchase that is.

Space Invaders the Board Game is currently seeking backing on Kickstarter where they have already surpassed their goal by nearly double. Don’t let that stop you from throwing some money their way though as this is one of the last officially licensed “40th Anniversary” products that will be made available. This Kickstarter is the only way to acquire this board game with that emblem – collectors know the value of things like this that set a special edition apart from the retail version (penciled in for release in 2020).

Check out the backer perks on the Space Invaders the Board Game Kickstarter and while there, think about grabbing one of these limited editions.

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