Sega Genesis Returning 30 Years After Launch

Sega Genesis Mini

You read that headline right. Sega is relaunching their popular Genesis console after it first launched in the United States in August 1989. You may be thinking, big deal, I have been playing crappy clones of the Sega Genesis for years. It is a big deal because this is coming from Sega themselves, not a clone maker, not a third party that is looking to push nostalgia.

Sega made the announcement last year but due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sega Genesis Mini was delayed till this year. Now we know it will launch on September 19th, 2019, 30 years and 15 days after the United States saw the original Sega Genesis launch.

For collectors, there is not a lot going on here, at least yet, that is going to make you want to grab the new Sega Genesis Mini. While there are only 1/4 of the 40 total expected games announced, the likelihood that we will get former Japanese exclusives is slim.

Titles we have confirmation for so far:
Altered Beast (former pack-in game)
Castlevania: Bloodlines
Comix Zone
Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
Ecco the Dolphin
Gunstar Heroes
Shining Force
Sonic the Hedgehog
Space Harrier II
ToeJam & Earl

The price point is a concern for many and that is set at $79.95 for North America. For that price gamers will get the 40 pack-in games and two USB three-button controllers (Japan is getting one six-button controller). The Sega Genesis Mini is also going to feature HDMI output so it will work fine with modern televisions as well.

It remains to be seen if Sega will include any titles that were former exclusive to other regions, such as titles that Piko Interactive have acquired the rights to. This could go a long way in solidifying the Sega Genesis mini as more than a novelty and something not only nostalgia fans want but hardcore gamers as well.

Source: Sega Genesis Mini website

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One thought on “Sega Genesis Returning 30 Years After Launch

  1. Serge Ulankin April 3, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    Comix Zone is already a sufficient reason to buy it, at least for me. 🙂 My short review I wrote recently (copied from here:

    I remember playing this at my friend’s place back in the early 2000’s (he had a Sega while I only had a NES). The game stunned me with its distinct visual style, and the very idea of making a beat ’em up in a comics world is ingenious. I am actually surprised nobody made another successful brawler with a similar setting, perhaps they are just afraid to be compared with Comix Zone.

    All effects like comics Bangs! and Whacks! look great and moving from one picture to another as well as enemies breaking borderlines are impressive (pictured above). This visual style also makes the game look beautiful and unique now, 20+ years after the release.

    It is also quite hard when I revisited this game a couple of years ago I was beaten like a bitch. So if you want to play a timeless and challenging brawler — this is the game you are looking for. If you have never played it, do yourself a favor!

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