Saucer Wars for Atari Jaguar Public Beta Shown

Saucer Wars Atari Jaguar

Saucer Wars for the Atari Jaguar is a new title from Wave 1 Games. Recently shown off on YouTube, this new game for the last Atari console is gaining traction. Saucer Wars is a first-person shooter like rail games back in the day.

Take down the aliens before they take us down

Your goal in each level is to destroy the inbound aliens in their UFO’s. If you are not on top of the situation then you can lose more than just your life. Saucers will come at you in wave after wave of flying death. Stay alert because these enemies are sneaky and will attempt to make off with humans in the background.

You are not helpless so shoot and shoot a lot

Armed with a laser blaster you must defend the Earth. Rail game fans will feel at home with Saucer Wars. Somewhat in the style of House of the Dead or Virtua Cop Saucer Wars uses the controller to move a cross hairs around and shoot. You will have to scroll left and right to see the full battlefield.

Why Saucer Wars is worth your time

Look, the Atari Jaguar was never a sales monster and there simply were not a lot of games released for it. Independent homebrew developers are creating new games every day, Saucer Wars is just one of those new games. Games take time and energy to create, putting them out on physical media such as cartridges complete with boxes/manuals/inserts costs more money.

This is something that Piko Interactive knows all too well. Just look at their store for proof of this.

Physical releases cost money to create and there is a financial risk to them. Publishers cannot simply order one or two copies as they sell, instead, they must purchase a minimum.

That is why your support is important to these publishers such as Wave 1 Games.

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One thought on “Saucer Wars for Atari Jaguar Public Beta Shown

  1. Joe Machado August 15, 2019 at 2:14 am

    No, thanks. There’s some gnarly indie titles for the Jag, though none of them are created by Wave1Games. Their titles are riddled with game crashing bugs, like Frogz 64 and JagZombies. Frogz 64 is will freeze randomly. JagZombies will crash if you switch weapons too much, or replay the game after beating it. Seems they’ve been at it for awhile and it’s nothing new for them. I love my Jag but not enough to give him any more money.

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