Sams Journey Hitting Nintendo Entertainment System In Progress

Sam's Journey Commodore 64

It is no secret that I have been a huge fan of Sam’s Journey since first hearing about it. The first thing that caught my eye about this new Knights of Bytes release was that it was, at the time, a Commodore 64 exclusive – something not many independent homebrew developers do any more. For the most part, homebrew developers will port to as many platforms as they possibly can as quickly as they can. This is just part and parcel of being an independent developer – you have to maximize your earnings to stay in business. Knights of Bytes are doing just that as they recently announced that their hit Commodore 64 game, Sam’s Journey is heading to another popular 8-bit platform – the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Our friends over at Indie Retro News seem to have secured exclusive release of two new Sam’s Journey on NES pictures. Judging by the photos published, it appears that Knights of Bytes are well on their way to bringing Sam to a new home.

While it is tough to judge quality from images, and I will not even attempt it, I can say that what is shown in those images is impressive. I am not sure if they will be able to achieve the same level animation on the Nintendo Entertainment System as they did the venerable Commodore 64. I would love to think they will but, I just don’t know.
Basing new development like this off of other, similar, releases in the last few years though gives me hope.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Sam’s Journey by Knights of Bytes heading to the Nintendo Entertainment System? Tell us in the comments below or where you have seen this article across social media.

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One thought on “Sams Journey Hitting Nintendo Entertainment System In Progress

  1. ThunderBlade March 5, 2019 at 8:39 pm

    Wow! Sam on the NES? I never cared about this console, but Sam’s Journey is so great on the C64, that it makes me become interested in the NES!

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