Power Glove Reloaded Sees Commodore Amiga Release

Power Glove Reloaded

Fans of Mega Man are often forgotten when it comes to independent homebrew titles. The thinking mans run and gun is just not all that popular for some reason. While Power Glove Reloaded does not require you to figure out what order to take on its four bosses, it does require a bit more strategy in your traversing levels than the every day run and gun style game. What is awesome about Power Glove Reloaded is that it is a remake of the Commodore 64 game, Power Glove, which was released in 2013. Adding to the fun is a “Classic Mode” option that recreates the 8-bit original in a demake of the remake of sorts.

Yeah, that last sentence is somewhat a tongue twister. Thanks for sticking it out and continuing onward here. Power Glove Reloaded is definitely an interesting little title that you need to check out if you have Commodore Amiga gathering dust (how could that be?) or just want to support independent homebrew developers (always a good idea).

This is actually the second remake of Power Glove to see release. The other was released in 2015 for Windows computers, after the original Commodore 64 version was released on a 16 KB cartridge in 2014. According to our friends over at Indie Retro News, Power Glove Reloaded is based directly on the source code from the Commodore 64 version. That is great news for fans of the original.

Here is another cool point about Power Glove Reloaded – it is available in digital and physical formats. If you choose the digital version you get the game. If you purchase the physical edition then you get a few extras such as a poster (which has a game map on the reverse side), some pin buttons, a manual, etc. Obviously, if you have the cash, the physical edition is the better purchase. If you are simply cash strapped then you can grab a copy for your PC on Itch.io where you can name your own price.

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