New Nintendo NES Independent Homebrew Title Shows Progression

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We all love the Nintendo Entertainment System. As gamers we love Nintendo’s first console. As fans of games we love it. There is another group of fans though, ones that take that interest in the console that changed gaming forever just a little farther. The independent homebrew developer. The people willing to fight into the night, often completely blind, attempting to just eek out more power from the console. Trophy by Gradual Games is one such title, which has seen a new update made available.

From the looks of Trophy so far, it is a run and gun title, like Mega Man, Contra, Turrican, and other classics. The animated image that Gradual Games have made available shows off an impressive boss battle. Impressive as in the same implications to gamers as the first time that we encountered the dragon mid-boss in Mega Man 2 impressive.

Now, it is one thing to see such a huge sprite in an official Nintendo licensed, the developer had access to official development hardware and special chips, type release. It is another situation entirely to see a similar creation in an independent homebrew release that is using software development kits that are not only unofficial but quite far from the silicon powering the game. That makes this even more impressive.

The player character seems to be rather un-detailed, bland looking. Considering the detail, they have in the boss character and the little enemies it emits, it is understandable. There is only so much power under the hood of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Trophy has been in development since January 2016 according to the Gradual Games Facebook page. That is a long time in development, over two years and counting.

We will be following development of Trophy by Gradual Games as it becomes available. Let us know what you think in the comments, sharing this article, liking it on social media, etc. We really do pay attention to what our friends in the community want to see more of.

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