New NES Game Kickstarter Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure Crushes Goal

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure NES

Who wants a new Nintendo Entertainment System game? I know I am down to cover them when I find out about new ones. Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure is exactly that, a new game for the 8-bit NES. This is a new game by a developer that knows the ropes of crowdfunding and the challenges that come with it, having run a successful campaign in 2017 for another NES game, Eskimo Bob. What is cool about Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure is, they have already crushed their funding goal and still have 20 days, as of this writing, to go.

Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure has you controlling Alfonzo on an a quest to find Bob. Bob has an appetite for fish so Alfonzo collects as many fish as he possibly can. Along your journey will come across three other characters that can aide you with their powers. Magnus has a power punch, Fenwood is nearly invulnerable, and finally Girl wields a sword.

According to their Kickstarter campaign, programming is done for Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure. The crowdfunding campaign is for raising funds to cover printing of the manuals, making the physical cartridges, printing boxes, etc.

There will be over 90 levels spread out across six episodes, more than 30 enemies that would love to thwart your efforts, and seven bosses waiting for you. Similar to Super Mario Bros 3, Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure will feature branching paths around the world map that can lead to new levels and challenges.

Don’t worry if you are not able to grab a physical copy of Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure as developer Tomas Guinan is making the game available in physical format and as a ROM. It is great to see developers accepting digital distribution for games like this and understanding not everyone has the money to buy a cartridge – or the desire to buy physical.

If you are still rocking a NES, or compatible alternative, then check out the physical options. Maybe you rock a NES emulator on Android or something else, cool – check out the digital options.

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