Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book collections at Kickstarter

BOOM! Studios has a running Kickstarter campaign, asking fans to fund the production of all six classic volumes into collectible editions. The comic series ended last fall with 55 issues released during five years.

The Kickstarter campaign will allow fans to put their hand on each volume in BOOM! Studios’ Deluxe hardcover format, which is larger than the standard size. Other goodies will also be included, among them will each volume feature an original short comic story.

The tiers start at $100 for a single volume, go for $500 for all of them and with various goodies increase to a twelfth tier at $5000. The latter has the creative team put the fan into the comic, which five lucky fans have already pledged for. Signed prints and standees are among the other goodies which you can still pledge for.

The campaign is already fully funded and will continue for 15 days. The delivery for the collectibles is estimated to be in April 2022.

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