Megacopter Blades of the Goddess Coming to Steam

Megacopter Blades of the Goddess Steam

Megacopter Blades of the Goddess is coming to Steam. Remember the Strike series of games that started life on the Sega Genesis? Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, Soviet Strike, and finally Nuclear Strike which ended the franchise all shared the same viewpoint. Later iterations did implement a bit of 3D allowing rotation of the game world while the first three were locked viewpoints and angles.

Similarities as well as differences in Megacopter

As already mentioned, Megacopter has a strong Strike series feel to its visuals. The viewpoint will be instantly familiar to fans of that Electronic Arts franchise. Weapons are of a similar variety – what can you really do in this area to be unique though?

There are also a few similarities to Smash TV in just how chaotic things seem to get in Megacopter Blades of the Goddess. Just check out the gameplay video to see what I mean. When things blow up, they blow up well here. Explosions are a much-needed aspect of shooting games.

Bringing classics to the modern age

Graphically Megacopter is not all that different than the 16-bit entries in the Strike series. Versus the 32-bit versions, depending on your stance on those graphically, this entry by Pizza Bear Games could appear “worse’. To me, it looks like what might have been had EA not gone polygonal with their 32-bit entries, at least with one of them. As mentioned by Indie Retro News, this is not a sequel but more of a homage.

Things are more detailed than what the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis could pull off but nowhere near what the 32-bit platforms could do. Especially in 2D with hand drawn art, Saturn and PlayStation could burn down the house with detail. Just not many developers used that power.

Now we wait

Megacopter Blades of the Goddess is scheduled for a 2020 release. No hard date is available at the time of this writing. Keep your eye on their Steam page and add Megacopter to your wishlist to be notified when it releases.

Megacopter Blades of the Goddess by Pizza Bear Games
Platform: Steam
Genre: Arcade, Shooter
Release expected on Steam in 2020

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