Legend of Atlantis Coming to Commodore 64

Legend of Atlantis

New games for the dead Commodore 64 just keep rolling in, don’t they? What is scary about these new releases is the level of quality they represent – making the C64 do things that were previously thought impossible. Stuart Collier and Trevor Storey are behind this latest one, Rocky Memphis – Legend of Atlantis. If you are already getting a slight Indiana Jones vibe from just the title, then you are in for a treat after the jump.

You take control of Rocky Memphis as he explores the lost world of Atlantis. As the story goes, Rocky Memphis finds himself in the center of a dried inner ocean in the heart of Africa. Here he finds the last remaining temples of Atlantis among the sand covered former ocean bed. Hidden for thousands of years, these temples are now dangerous artifacts that Memphis must explore and find the true lost world of Atlantis.

Legend of Atlantis

There will be an introduction and ending sequence, if you are good enough to see it, atmospheric music, detailed hi-res graphics, and many rooms to explore in this adventure. The Legend of Atlantis is not a game that you will simply load up and beat within 15 minutes so settle in for the long haul and enjoy your time there.

While there will be PAL and NTSC compatible versions available, it is interesting to note that on the sales page, SD2IEC compatibility is advertised as well. That surely means that not only will gamers be able to purchase the physical copy but also a digital edition. I personally like this acceptance of the modern distribution of games for older platforms. I must admit though, I am a sucker for “feelies” that I can collect and see and show off.

There will be a few versions of The Legend of Atlantis made available according to the sales page.

Legend of Atlantis

The Collector’s Edition will feature a full color glossy box containing the game on floppy disk, artwork stickers, deluxe art card, badges, glossy game artwork poster and a detailed printed map (surely a necessity for any wannabe adventurer).

The premium Plus Disk Edition will feature a full color double-sided artwork in a transparent plastic disk case.

The Budget Disk Edition will have the game on a 5.25” floppy disk in a full color glossy disk sleeve. The disk will feature a glossy label and come with a printed instruction booklet.

Finally, the C64 Tape Edition gives gamers a copy of The Legend of Atlantis on a cassette tape with glossy full color double-sided tape inlay.

Now, keep an eye here on RETRO Magazine because when Rocky Memphis – The Legend of Atlantis is released, we will be back with more details.

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