Japanese fan collects every Game Boy game in two years

How long would you say it takes to gather a complete collection of Game Boy games? Five years? Ten years? A lifetime? Well, a Japanese fan was able to collect them all in just a two-year period! Now that’s impressive!

Shouta, as he is known on Twitter, spent the last two years of his life collecting every Japanese released Game Boy game. He said he started buying only the games he wanted to play because he had been a fan of the portable system for many years, but then decided to keep on buying more and more of them until he decided to complete the collection.

He received help from the Twitter community and in just two years he was able to buy all of the 1,244 Japanese officially released Game Boy games. That’s 198 more games than the ones released in North America.

He didn’t mention how much money he spent, but we can bet that it was not cheap.

There are rumours that Game Boy or Game Boy Advance games will come to Switch, so maybe we’ll be able to play some of the games of this collection soon.


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