GoG Gives Away Several Games to Help Gamers Relax

Flight of the Amazon Queen

GoG.com is one of those companies that is clearly run by gamers. They go out of their way to license forgotten classics and then fix them up for modern gamers. They add tons of extras when possible as well. Then they go and do stuff like this, arrange to give away 27 titles in a stressful time. This is beyond awesome.

GoG knows gamers well

The fact that they are run by gamers is probably at work here. The selection of games runs a good mix. Action, adventure, run and jump, shooting genres and more are all represented here. The only one missing is probably a driving or space simulation.

Can’t really complain about free though.

They even tweak the emulators used so that they work well with each individual game and on Windows 10. This alone takes a ton of stress out of trying to play a DOS game from 1991 or earlier.

Some titles stand above the others

With this many games there are going to be some that are above the others. Those include Beneath a Steel Sky (point and click), Flight of the Amazon Queen (point and click), Jill of the Jungle (run and jump), POSTAL: Classic and Uncut (mature run and gun), Shadow Warrior Classic Complete (First-Person Shooter) and more.

It is really a good mix of games that GoG.com has put together here. Sure, some like Beneath a Steel Sky have been freeware for years now. The difference is, the GoG.com version is full compatible with Windows 10 as soon as you download it – no having to mess with the emulator to get the best experience possible.

Head over to GoG.com and grab your copies of these games. They are legally free for a limited time so don’t wait too long. There are some real gems here that will take awhile to complete.

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