Doom Fourth Episode by John Romero Coming in 2019

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Doom is one of those seminal games that changed things forever. Sure, there were other First Person Shooter (FPS) games before Doom – one being Wolfenstein 3D which was also by id Software (developers of Doom). The difference was, Doom was the first to smash through to computer gamers in a big way. Doom made such an impact that even console gamers and non-gamers knew about it (Myst was another title that broke this barrier). Well, John Romero who co-created Doom, is celebrating the 25th anniversary in a big way. Mr. Romero is releasing Sigil, the spiritual continuation of the Doom franchise. Effectively, Episode IV for those keeping track.

Sigil will feature 18 levels total with the levels split evenly between single and multiplayer modes. The storyline of Sigil will continue the storyline from the original game which is cool for fans.

Sigil will be available for free and in physical formats so there is no reason to not enjoy this latest episode. For hardcore fans of Doom  there will be two physical variations available. Both versions will contain music by Buckethead and artwork by Christopher Lovell (renowned metal album artist).

“Sigil Beast Box contains:

A 16GB 3 1/2 inch floppy disk shaped USB drive with the Sigil files and more.

A 2-disc booklet case containing the full Buckethead soundtrack and behind the scenes information on the original game and the making of Sigil.

8”x10” autographed art print by Christopher Lovell

A Sigil coin

Pewter statue of John Romero’s head on a spike (gotta say, that is pretty cool).

1 XL sized Sigil t-shirt

1 Sigil sticker and one Romero Games sticker

The standard edition of Sigil will contain:

Standard sized “big box” featuring Christopher Lovell art (who remembers big boxes?)

A 16GB 3 1/2 inch floppy disk shaped USB drive with the Sigil data.

The Buckethead soundtrack

Both stickers.

Okay, how do you get in on the fun? Starting today, December 10th through December 24th, you can pre-order Sigil (either edition). The limited editions and the free versions will be available in mid-February 2019.

Pre-order on Romero Games website.

Source: Variety

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