ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier, a new game by Stardew Valley creator

Eric Barone has been known in the indie game community for many years, thanks to his work on Stardew Valley, a hit game that he made all by himself. Last week, he shared the news of his new game called ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier, and now we got the first glimpse of its gameplay.

At first glance, it looks pretty similar to Stardew Valley. It has the same style of art direction and we see the characters doing activities similar to the previous game, as well as exploration of towns and forests. But the catch is, that the game will be about managing and/or making chocolates in a haunted building.

Barone posted his thoughts on the game and admits he still is not sure about what the game will be about exactly. But from what we saw in the video, it looks really interesting and we can’t wait to play it. Here’s part of his statement, (you can read it in full right here).

In Stardew Valley, the focus was more humble: living off the land, growing food, and connecting to the people and nature around you. However, with my next game, I wanted to explore more fantastical possibilities… experiences that take you beyond the ordinary. That’s where magical haunted ghost chocolate comes in.

Now, you might be scratching your head, wondering exactly what type of game this is. I’m not sure how best to describe it. It’s evolving organically as I develop it, so I’m not sure where it will go. But at its core, the gameplay loop involves gathering ingredients, making chocolate, and running a chocolate shop. Of course, there’s a lot more to the game than that, but I don’t want to get too deep into at this early stage, partly because I don’t want to be tied down to any particular concept of what the game is.

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