Ay, caramba! Preorders for The Simpsons Arcade Machines are open

If you grew up in the 90’s, then you must surely remember the famous Simpsons Arcade game by Konami in your local arcade venue, bowling alley, or pizza parlor. Now you can take the original game home with its new 30th Aniversary machine made by Arcade1Up.

Preorders have started online on retailers such as Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and at the official Arcade1Up web page. The price is $699.99, and it includes the arcade cabinet, a riser, a Simpsons branded stool, and a wall sign. But if you’re searching for a cheaper option, you can find it at Wal-Mart at $529.00, the only difference is that you only get the cabinet and riser.

The Simpsons Arcade is still one of our favorite arcade games from back in the day. Up to four players can fight their way through Springfield trying to save Maggie from the evil Mr. Burns. This relaunch of the arcade is also multiplayer, but at least you won’t have to keep one of your pockets filled with quarters to continue when you die.

Here’s how it looks:

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