Atmospheric Action Puzzle Title Inmost Coming to Nintendo Switch

Inmost Nintendo Switch

Inmost is one of those interesting releases that is trying to bridge many genres. In this case atmospheric action puzzle fans will be right at home with this new game by Hidden Layer Games and publisher Chucklefish. What helps set Inmost apart from similar games is just how that atmosphere is put to work. Trust me, make the jump and check out the gameplay video.

Inmost tasks you with taking control of three different characters which are connected to each other in unique ways. I get the feeling this one is going to pull on the emotional strings just a little bit more than most other atmospheric games do.

The setting of Inmost is an old abandoned castle that is harboring an extreme evil that you must escape. Along the way you will find yourself facing sacrifice, suffering, and trying to keep a family together through hell and high water.

The attention to detail in the gameplay video is astounding. Fire crackles, complete with embers, in the background, rain bounces off the roof, and there is ton of parallax scrolling in many scenes rolling by as you move.

The Nerd Mag states that Inmost is expected later this year for the Nintendo Switch. This is great news for fans of Nintendo’s latest console, it is also bad news because there is a wait involved.

Besides the dark atmospheric world Inmost will feature pixel art that shows how well less can be more when handled right, a storyline set across two worlds, and a dash of horror. One interesting tidbit is that, according to Nintendo Times, Inmost was created by a two person team. There is not a lot available about Inmost right now which makes it hard to convey why retro indie fans should be interested. For now, check out the gameplay trailer above. If you are not hooked after watching that video then I cannot help you. Check out the Inmost website for more atmospheric fun.

Inmost by Chucklefish
Developer: Hidden Layer Games
Platform: Nintendo Switch and PC
Genre: Action puzzle
Rated: Pending
Available: Early 2019 for PC, later 2019 for Nintendo Switch

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