Arcade1up reveals their Legacy and Pro edition cabinets

arcade1up Mortal Kombat

This year’s CES has still not been able to reach the heights of pre-pandemic editions, but nevertheless, there’s been interesting information for gamers on the last few days, including something for arcade fans.

Arcade1up, a company that specializes in bringing back classic arcade cabinets to modern gamers, announced two new lines of cabinets that will surely make fans happy. These new lines are the Legacy Editions and Pro Editions.

The Legacy Edition line will make its debut next Spring, they will include 14 games in each cabinet with online functions like multiplayer. The first three variations of this line are decorated with different game themes, they are the Bandai Pac-Mania/Pac-Man theme, the Midway Mortal Kombat theme, and the Atari Centipede theme.

While the Pro Edition line will be focused on more hardcore fans, with bigger screens (19-inch), Suzohapp buttons and joysticks, faux-metal T molding, improved speakers, and online multiplayer as well. The first Pro Edition cabinet is based on Killer Instinct by Rare. This line will be available during Summer and their final price will be set between $1,000 and $1,200 USD.

arcade1up Killer Instinct

For pre-sales and more information about them, check out their official website.

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