UnMetal, the spiritual successor to the original Metal Gear

Metal Gear Solid stands as one of the most acclaimed video game franchises in history, thanks in great part to the genius of its former director: Hideo Kojima. But way before the Konami series became popular on the first PlayStation, it all started with the original Metal Gear games on MSX2 with a game that practically created the stealth genre in gaming.

A spiritual successor of that first Metal Gear is coming out pretty soon on Steam, and it’s called UnMetal. As you can tell by the following gameplay trailer, its graphics and gameplay look similar to the classic Konami game, but according to its developers, it will also have modern gameplay mechanics and tons of references to video games and pop culture in general.

The protagonist of the game is Jesse Fox, a soldier who has been imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and now has to escape a military base by any means necessary. And by that, we mean stuff like tricking guards, fighting tanks, and even guiding a pack of rats through the sewages.

UnMetal will be available at Steam on September 28, but you can play a demo right now.

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