The Atari Lynx will receive 4 new games

The Atari Lynx will always be remembered as the first color handheld console. It was released in 1989, a year before Sega’s Game Gear, and almost a decade before the Game Boy Color. But still, it only sold 3 million units throughout its six years lifespan, way behind the competition. And even though it has been discontinued since 1995, it still has a loyal base of fans that continue to support it with homebrew games. That’s the main reason why it will receive not one, but four new games soon.

These games will be available physically, and they will include a boxed cartridge with its manual. So if you still have an Atari Lynx, you will be able to play them just like we used to do 30 years ago.

The games are the following:

  • Raid on TriCity – Second Wave, it’s a puzzle game similar to Tetris but instead of rotating the falling pieces, you have to shoot them to fit accordingly to your strategy.
  • Asteroid Chasers, it’s another puzzle game but it mixes elements of a card game, where you use them to progress through the game and earn points with them.
  • Cyber Virus – Lost Missions, an FPS in 3D on the Lynx. It was originally an unfinished game and a follow-up to an original game titled only Cyber Virus.
  • Unnamed, an adventure game where you need to explore every corner of the map to find clues that help you solve puzzles and find the exit.

This is how these games look like:

For more information about the games and the Atari Lynx community, check out AtariAge.


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