Midwest Gaming Classic Returns…to it’s Spring Schedule

Whew, that pandemic, eh?!

Well, the folks at the Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) survived. They even got off an event in 2021, albeit in fall instead of their normal spring slot. Now, we are just a month out from their 2022 show at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI.


The Midwest Gaming Classic is a massive, all-encompassing show featuring all facets of gaming including consoles, pinball, arcade, tabletop, trading card, RPGs and more.

It takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin April 29th-May 1st. Tickets are available from their website.

What is the Midwest Gaming Classic?

MGC is “a trade show featuring 150,000+ square feet of retro and modern home video game consoles, pinball machines, arcade video games, tabletop RPGs, computers, tabletop board games, crane games, collectible card games, air hockey, and that’s just the start! The Midwest Gaming Classic is about celebrating gaming, trying new things, learning about the gaming hobby, meeting others who share the love of gaming, and having fun doing it!”

What’s there to do at the Midwest Gaming Classic?

In brief, almost anything you can think of related to retro gaming and gaming in general. Buy, sell, trade, play, compete, meet, learn, and just generally hangout with other cool people who share your love for gaming in all its myriad forms. Take the Super Mario Bros. 3: 50 Coin Challenge, top the competition in a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, chat with the artists, actors, or creators of your favorite franchise or meet your favorite retro gaming streamer. All of it is possible. Plus, there are thousands of games all on free play and included in the ticket price including a pinball hall, arcade video games and home consoles. Plus, crane games, kiddie rides, mini golf, cosplay contests, tabletop RPGs, trading card games, and tabletop board games. Want to play Quake on an iMac LAN? Or maybe you want to challenge some of the world’s best air hockey competitors to a game? Perhaps you’re a collector and looking to score that perfect deal. There’s a massive vendor hall that features around 100 vendors

Where do I stay, how do I get into the Midwest Gaming Classic?

The MGC partnered with five area hotels to help attendees find a place to stay during the show. They’ve got it all organized right on their website, and you can get MGC tickets there as well. From the all-inclusive VIG (Very Important Gamer) package, to the 3-day package (which includes the limited Friday preview night) all the way down to single day tickets, you can choose how you want to take in the show.

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