IndieGo Retro Console Launching Physical Releases

IndieGo Console

The indieGO console is launching a new slim version as well as licensed retro games that will see physical releases. Currently over on Kickstarter you can check out the new slim version known as the indieGO XS which will be available in various colors (and color combinations).

Size matters

As you can see from the picture below, the indieGO XS is quite a bit smaller than the original model. It is also available in two color options which can be mixed and matched, or the same color can be chosen if you wish. More information is available on the indieGO Kickstarter page.

The size difference is quite shocking considering the overall dimensions of the original model. They have clearly done some additional work on the internals to make everything fit in this much smaller case which is pretty cool.

Now, about those physical games

Over on Twitter the indieGO team announced they are planning to release licensed physical games for their console (complete with console marquee’s on the boxes noting these are indieGO games). The first set of games to be announced are Piko Interactive titles such as Legend, Iron Commando, and Legend of the Magic Warriors.

Piko Interactive and the future

Piko Interactive is a forward thinking company that attempts to blend the past with the future. By licensing classic titles that have been left to rot by the original publishers, Piko is able to commission ports to newer platforms or make use of modern technologies to make these classics available again.

The indieGO is just one example of Piko working with the past and the present to keep classic games alive and available for fans to enjoy now and well into the future. Piko has made titles available on other platforms such as Steam as well. Many titles that Piko control are translated from other languages bringing brand new titles to fans.

Sources – Kickstarter and Twitter

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  1. Chris May 4, 2019 at 12:58 am

    That size difference is insane! Interesting they are releasing licensed physical games, I would question if the niche was big enough to warrant this?

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