A one of a kind Game Boy game is on its way

Most homebrew modern games made for old consoles like the Game Boy and NES keep the graphic style and gameplay from the old days. But once in a while, we are surprised by something completely new and different for those consoles. That’s the case with The Shapeshifter 2, a new title coming to Game Boy with a couple of interesting features that you might not want to miss.

This game is made by Geenboy Games, a small development team based in Barcelona, Spain. They have made and published several games in the past, and their new title got backed up quickly on Kickstarter.

The Shapeshifter 2 – Become the Animal You Touch will come in two Game Boy cartridges, something that had not been seen until now. It will be an adventure game, described by its developers like Secret of Monkey Island. And that’s not all, you’ll be able to choose the path for your own adventure and you will need to use a special dial disc that will be included in the package to help you navigate through its story. You’ll even have to change cartridges on the go to continue with your adventure.

So if this concept is interesting to you, then you might want to check out their Kickstarter page.

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