OlliOlli (PS4, PS3) Review

by David Giltinanon Aug 27, 2014
Time to flip boards and grind rails on the big screen, as OlliOlli ramps up onto home consoles! How does this 2D skateboarder translate on the PS4 and PS3? Read our review to find out.

Pokemon, Tekken Hybrid Pokken Tournament Announced

by David Giltinanon Aug 26, 2014
Nintendo's popular RPG franchise takes the fight to a new level. Find out more about what has been dubbed Pokken Tournament that's being made by the same team behind the Tekken series.


5 Online Resources to Keep Your Videogame Collection Organized, Sexy, and Growing

by Mike Yoheon Aug 26, 2014
Here at RETRO, we take our gaming collections seriously. That's why we took it upon ourselves to share a list of resources to maintain your beloved hobby with utmost care. You're welcome.

The Typing Of The Dead Review

by George Fagundeson Aug 26, 2014
What better way to defend yourself against the undead than with a keyboard? See what we had to say about The Typing of the Dead, the bloodiest educational game ever.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors Review

by Robert Workmanon Aug 25, 2014
Think 3D platformers are dead? Think again! Is The Last Tinker a return to glory for the genre or does it fall short? Read Robert's review for his thoughts.

Interview with Stern Pinball Director of Marketing and Licensing Jody Dankberg

by Robert Workmanon Aug 25, 2014
We speak with Stern Pinball's Jody Dankberg to get an inside look at the pinball machine market as well as the increased presence of pinball on modern consoles.

Gunlord Review

by George Fagundeson Aug 22, 2014
The Dreamcast once again becomes one of the last bastions for new, old-school styled action games to call a home as RETRO reviews whether Gunlord is fully stocked or not.

Hands-On Preview: Read Only Memories

by David Giltinanon Aug 22, 2014
We take a trip into the world of Neo-San Francisco in our hands-on preview of the queer-friendly point-and-click cyberpunk adventure Read Only Memories.


Interview with John James and Matt Conn of MidBoss (Read Only Memories)

by David Giltinanon Aug 22, 2014
Join our conversation with John James and Matt Conn, director and producer of games studio MidBoss, as we discuss their Kickstarter title Read Only Memories and bringing the LGBT lifestyle into gaming.

Kickstarter Corner: Elysian Shadows Takes 2D RPGs to the Next Level

by David Giltinanon Aug 21, 2014
Thought you saw the last Dreamcast game made? Think again! Check out Elysian Shadows, a new RPG that harkens back to the good ol' 16-bit days.