Blast Corps Review

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Sep 19, 2014
Is Rare's Blast Corps a rightfully forgotten dud, or something of an under-appreciated gem? Aaron destroys a holy smackdown's worth of stuff to bring you the answer!

How ‘The Addams Family’ Can Help ‘The Pinball Arcade’ Take Off

by Robert Workmanon Sep 19, 2014
One of the most iconic pinball machines of all time could be digitally recreated on The Pinball Arcade, but only with your help! Snap those fingers and donate today.

Hyrule Warriors Review

by Robert Workmanon Sep 18, 2014
Does the fresh coat of paint from The Legend of Zelda series add some flavor to the same ol' Dynasty Warriors gameplay? Read our Hyrule Warriors review for the nitty gritty.

High 5: Top Games at Boston FIG

by David Giltinanon Sep 18, 2014
Boston FIG had on display an impressive lineup of retro-inspired indie games, but these are the 5 that stood out most in this edition of High 5!


Evil Zone Review

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Sep 18, 2014
A PlayStation fighter overlooked by many, this is Evil Zone. Is it a lost gem or should it get lost? Read on to find out!

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review

by Robert Workmanon Sep 17, 2014
The Final Fantasy franchise gets its groove on once again! See if we think the latest release from the Theatrhythm series is music to our ears.


Dino Crisis 2 Review

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Sep 17, 2014
Dino Crisis 2 was part of the 'survival horror' deluge spawned by the success of Resident Evil. Is it just another ripoff, or does it stand on it's own?

The Box Art of the Mega Man Games

by Mike Yoheon Sep 16, 2014
How bad was the box art for the first Mega Man? Jump in with Mike to educate yourself on just that!

Abyss Odyssey Review

by George Fagundeson Sep 16, 2014
The same people behind Zeno Clash try their hand at cooking a rogue-like in Abyss Odyssey. Read on to find out if the aftertaste this title leaves is bitter or sweet.

Microsoft Buys Minecraft Developer Mojang for $2.5 Billion

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Sep 15, 2014
Seems like Microsoft aims to be king of the user-created world of Minecraft! Read on for the details about this massive sale.