Son Reconnects with Dead Father’s “Ghost” in RalliSport Challenge

by David Giltinanon Jul 23, 2014
Can dead relatives game from the grave? Not quite, but this story may make you consider the possibility.

Diver Dogs Review

by David Giltinanon Jul 23, 2014
These dogs know how to get down... deep down! Check out our review of Diver Dogs, the latest offering my underrated mobile developer Hiptic Games.


Boss Battle Breakdown: Necron vs. Human Reaper

by Mike Yoheon Jul 23, 2014
Last week we looked at first bosses. This week we look at last bosses that surprise us. Which one is a surprise party and which is a call from the coroner?

CounterSpy Gets Release Date, Cross-Buy and Cross-Save Support

by David Giltinanon Jul 23, 2014
The espionage side-scrolling shooter CounterSpy is releasing soon!

The Last of Us Score and Live Reading in Celebration of PS4 Release

by David Giltinanon Jul 22, 2014
Are you a big fan of last year's Game of the Year The Last of Us? If so, you may want to consider checking out this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Tetris Ultimate Coming To 3DS!

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Jul 22, 2014
Look everyone, more Tetris! Ooh, how exciting! Well, sarcasm aside, at least this version will have some boss 3D to look at. Wanna read more about it? 'Course you do!

Kickstarter Corner: Knuckle Club Offers New Approach to Brawler Genre

by Pat Whiteon Jul 21, 2014
Crowdfunding has been a key component for independent game developers looking to gain a boost from the button-mashing public and, more importantly, the place to be for titles that scratch the classic-gaming itch. Few avenues have been as instrumental in their ability to unleash new content as, and aside from spawning our own efforts on RETRO Magazine and right here at, […]

This Super Mario Bros. Aquarium Is Amazing!

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Jul 21, 2014
Are you as awesome as this aquarium? No. No you are not. No one is. You could be, though! Read on to see!


Tormentum Reaches Indigogo Goal!

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Jul 21, 2014
Tormentum reaches its funding goal! Click here (or even here!) for a run-down and a link to the playable demo!

High 5: Video Game Soundtracks

by David Giltinanon Jul 18, 2014
Find out what we here at RETRO consider to be the gaming soundtracks that's music to our ears in this edition of High 5!