Interview with ‘Axiom Verge’ Developer Thomas Happ

by Robert Workmanon Apr 27, 2015
Learn what it's like to create a game all by yourself as Robert interviews Thomas Happ, the lone developer of Axiom Verge!

We Are Doomed Review

by Robert Workmanon Apr 24, 2015
Go on a mind-bending trip in We Are Doomed! Robert flexes his twin stick shooting thumbs in this review.

‘Not A Hero’ Gets Demo Via Amazing Marketing

by David Giltinanon Apr 23, 2015
An anti-BunnyLord group has run rampant, which means a surprise demo of the upcoming Not A Hero for you!

High 5: Spy Hunter Games

by Robert Workmanon Apr 23, 2015
What's better than hopping in a suped up car armed to the teeth? Robert highlights some of the best titles in the Spy Hunter franchise!


RETRO TOP 10: Best Laughs

by David Giltinanon Apr 22, 2015
What's everyone laughing at? Find out as David chuckles his way through the Top 10 Best Laughs in gaming!

Ryu from ‘Street Fighter’ and Roy Rumored to Join ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Cast

by David Giltinanon Apr 22, 2015
Will Super Smash Bros. be seeing more Shoryukens and Hadokens thrown into the mix?


Interview with ‘Armikrog’ Animation Director Mike Dietz

by Robert Workmanon Apr 22, 2015
See what goes into the look of the upcoming point-and-click adventure title Armikrog as Robert interviews Animation Director Mike Dietz.

NES Light Gun Shooter ‘Duck Hunt’ Turns 31

by David Giltinanon Apr 21, 2015
The self explanatory titled Duck Hunt is now over three decades old! Join David as he looks back on the plucky NES game that was ahead of its time.

Titan Souls Review

by Robert Workmanon Apr 21, 2015
Take your one shot at monstrous foes in Titan Souls! Robert plays the underdog in his review.

The Weaponographist Video Preview

by Brandt Ranjon Apr 21, 2015
Check out some footage of The Weaponographist as Brandt Ranj puts it though its paces.