Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

by Robert Workmanon Oct 21, 2014
Add one part Assassin's Creed, one part Batman: Arkham Asylum, and mix it all in with a dash of Lord of the Rings

The Evil Within Review

by Robert Workmanon Oct 21, 2014
The father of Resident Evil has returned to take back the survival horror crown! Does The Evil Within live up to the famed developer's legacy? Robert dives deep into terror in his review.


PlayStation TV Review

by George Fagundeson Oct 21, 2014
The PlayStation TV is now available stateside, and RETRO evaluates on whether or not you should run out and grab one today in this review!

Kickstarter Corner: Brave the River Wild in ‘The Flame in the Flood’

by David Giltinanon Oct 20, 2014
Take a journey on the river wild as you try to survive in The Flame in the Flood. Learn more about this unique, roguelike title headed by the former art director of BioShock in this Kickstarter Corner.


‘Time Crisis 5′ Announced for Japanese Arcades

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Oct 20, 2014
Who says the light-gun genre is dead? Namco Bandai has announced Time Crisis 5 will be straight shootin' its way to arcades!

Torchlight (XBLA) Review

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Oct 20, 2014
Another Diablo clone, but does Torchlight bring something new and different to the party? Aaron crawls through some dungeons in his review.


Retroism Brings Fan Favorites to Steam

by Aaron Dennis-Jacksonon Oct 17, 2014
Here's some gone-but-not-forgotten - and now remastered - titles for all you PC game lovers out there, presented by Retroism!

South Park Pinball Review

by Robert Workmanon Oct 17, 2014
Sweeeeet (SUPER sweeeeeet, that is)! Time to knock some balls around in South Park Pinball! Robert takes a look at the two tables included in this latest release by Zen Studios.

NBA 2K15 Review

by Robert Workmanon Oct 17, 2014
Lace up those sneaks and hit the court; it's NBA 2K15! Does the popular b-ball franchise retain its crown, or stumble a little? Robert makes an inside drive with his review.

Box Art Breakdown: BurgerTime and Tokyo Jungle

by Mike Yoheon Oct 16, 2014
Take a journey through foggy Tokyo and a psychotic restaurant to learn about the power of lines and angles in this episode of Box Art Breakdown!