RETRO Magazine New Beginnings

RETRO Magazine has gone through a substantial change since Summer 2017. The magazine as it was it no longer is. The business entity that once started and mismanaged this publication has gone bankrupt. A new team has taken over the assets since Summer 2017 and has been working on injecting

R.B.I. Baseball 14 Recreate the Original’s Magic?

By: Robert Workman When playing baseball on the Nintendo Entertainment System, players had a lot of options available. Jaleco’s Bases Loaded, SNK’s Baseball Stars, Konami’s futuristic (and fun) Basewars, and Nintendo’s own Baseball game were all options that were available. However, when it came to a definitive choice, many players

Ghost Song Preview

If you’re a fan of metroidvania games then you should have Ghost Song: A Journey Of Hope on your radar. The game takes place on a moon named Lorian V (The Moon Of A Thousand Terrors). At first glance one can see that this game is heavily influenced by the

AGDQ 2014

Touch Fuzzy, Prevent Cancer. Speed Runners Raise Over One Million Dollars for Cancer Research. -Brandt Ranj Master videogame players from around the world gathered in Washington D.C. a couple of weeks ago to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation using their video game skills. Orchestrated between the Speed Demos


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