One Piece Romance Dawn Review

There are way better anime games out there than One Piece: Romance Dawn. The gameplay becomes boring rather quickly, and the story will fail to motivate even the resilient of pirates. The presentation also seems dated back several years. Set sail elsewhere.

Fable Anniversary

Devotees to the series and the Xbox 360 may welcome fable Anniversary withopen arms, but in some ways, it’s a slight missed opportunity. There are no new add-ons outside of the Lost Chapters content, and the graphics don’t look as swell as they should have. This also could’ve easily been a $15 download, instead of a full $40 purchase. Not bad, but more should’ve been done to celebrate the legacy

Split/Second Review

Split/Second is one of the best games from this past generation, and a real example of how to revolutionize a genre with a few extravagant tweaks. It’s fun to play and filled with surprises at every turn, and the presentation amazes to this very day. Give it a spin.

Earth Defense Force 2025 Review

Accept Earth Defense Force 2025’s credibility and storyline with a grain of salt, and you’ll coast by just fine on its wildly fun gameplay. Bring a friend and double the fun, if only to watch ants gush into orange piles of goo. Hey, they deserve it. EDF for life.


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