Ghost Song Preview

If you’re a fan of metroidvania games then you should have Ghost Song: A Journey Of Hope on your radar. The game takes place on a moon named Lorian V (The Moon Of A Thousand Terrors).

At first glance one can see that this game is heavily influenced by the look and sounds of Super Metroid. Deep dark underground caverns will lead a player through a network of gorgeous grottos filled with alien life and secret research facilities. However, this game isn’t just a developer’s love note to Metroid, Ghost Song will bring in influences from other games, most notable is Dark Souls. Now don’t worry if after reading that last part you’re worrying that the game is going to be soul crushingly hard, it won’t be.

The creator Matt White says that the difficulty level will be challenging but not Dark Souls. Ghost Song takes it’s influences from Dark Souls in the category of world design. In Dark Souls there are large portions of the game (beautiful and expansive areas) that only a very curious and adventurous player can find. Ghost Song will be doing this in the form of areas called bug tunnels.

These hard to find areas will give players a good challenge while rewarding them with power ups and deeper story. Also these areas are completely optional, thus a player can play the game as linearly as they want (but what self respecting Metroid fan would want to do that).

Additionally, voice acting will be used. Although some diehard Metroid fans prefer the silent approach to story telling, Matt has promised that it will connect well with the creepy vibe of the game. With these types of inspirations put into Ghost Song this game is looking like it’ll be something that metroidvania fans don’t want to miss. Ghost Song is slated to come out later this summer on PC, Mac, and Wii U.


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